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Botond Keresztesi

Everything is dying except browsing history

2021, acrylic, oil and spray on canvas

An image of a post apocalyptic desert landscape appropriated from a computer game (early Mortal Kombat) forms the background for a series of paintings, that are placed - like totems - on top of the depicted objects referencing the pedestals of Brancusi sculptures. The paintings that relate to the “natura morta” genre are based on dutch flower still lifes and transformed into artificial reminiscents. The notion that everything is constantly changing, disappearing or turning into another at one point is paralleled with the extremely fast life cycles (updating and becoming obsolete) of technologies and their impact on the “natural” environment.

Botond Keresztesi (1987* Marosvásárhely, RO) is a Romanian/Hungarian artist working in painting, drawing, and site-specific painting installations. Remixing references from Art History, popular culture, virtual space, and everyday life, his paintings crystalise into the fragmented realities of dream-like landscapes. Recent solo and group exhibitions have taken place at: Galerie Deroullion, Paris; Storage Capacité, Berlin; Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels; Kunstfort, Vijhuizen, NL; Future Gallery, Berlin; Artkartell Project Space, Budapest; Labor Gallery, Budapest; Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest; and Schloss, Olso.