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Jure Kastelic

Magic Internet Money

Jure Kastelic is an agent who hopes to propagate a basic questioning of the established money system and suggest a working strategy of opting out. As an artist leveraging Bitcoin he’s dealing with the unsexy side of money like its origin, issuance, governance and the seemingly related rising inequality, declining purchasing power and the fictional trickle-down-economy. What is the impact of the emerging Bitcoin mythology on the new economic reality? How value’s derived from scarcity and what are the parallels of moneyness and painting?

Jure Kastelic (1992, Slovenia) works and lives in London. In 2017 he was nominated for the EMOP Arendt Award, in 2019 he was selected by Zabludowicz Collection for the Testing Ground Masterclass and in 2020–21 he won a space at the Copy&Paste artist residency at Platform Southwark, London. Kastelic solo exhibitions include: Lepi Loopi / Pretty Loops at Bozidar Jakac Art Museum and at Photon Centre for Contemporary Photography, Slovenia (both 2016); Schmuck Insurance at The Chopping Block Gallery, London (2019); New Alchemy at Niagara Falls Project, Brighton (2019); Cold storage at White Crypt, London (2020); It’s ok until it’s not at Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana (2020); Esc at Santiago Del Teide, Tenerife (2021). Kastelic’s work was included in numerous group exhibitions, including at Signal Gallery, New York (2013); Austin Center for Photography, Texas (2014); Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art MNHA, Luxembourg (2017) and the UGM Studio in Maribor, Slovenia (2019). Kastelic’s work is included in the collection of the Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art, Luxembourg; Arendt Medernach collection, Luxembourg; Herbert Smith Freehills Collection, London; and private collections in London, New York, Ljubljana, Prague, Treviso. His work has been published in Le Monde, The Guardian, Fast Company and others. He is the co-founder of Mare Karina.