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Kladnik & Neon

V1 - Board Room

2021, installation

In a meeting room (on the exhibition) at the Iskra Delta enterprise a marketing strategy is currently being devised. On a pseudo-hologram screen for projecting animations a couple of product concepts which Iskra Delta could launch onto the market are being endlessly repeated. These products are not viable already at first glance. Iskra Delta is an enterprise from the past and the concept of infinite, unrealised possibilities moving into the future.  With simulation of vapourware meetings that are currently probably taking place in too many technology companies around the world V1 - Board Room continues to deconstruct areas that could be considered commercial culture, which probably means that over time they will simply become culture.

Kladnik & Neon are Jaka Neon (1979) and David Kladnik (1979). After their studies at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, they were active as the Kitsch Nitsch studio (2006–2016), where they worked as illustrators, designers, set designers and visual artists. They also worked as part of the Smetnjak collective, where they still occasionally take care of visual interventions. Today, they make CGI graphics and corporate art for the contemporary efficiency paradigm. They have exhibited their work in group exhibitions, such as the Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics (Belgrade, 2012), Independent Biennial (Ljubljana, 2016), Opus Paradiso, Electric Objects (online, 2016), Arts & Crafts, BYOB 14 (Ljubljana, 2014), (online, 2015), Wonderspaces (San Diego, 2017), Next of Skin (Ljubljana, 2017), Next of Skin II (Novo Mesto, 2018) and Viral Portraits (Ljubljana, 2020). In 2016, they had a solo show at UGM Studio in Maribor with their more broadly conceived project Acta Non Verba. Their work has been published in various books and magazines: Kaleidoscope, Šum, Brand Spaces, Graphics in., NEON, REVS, Pencilcase, WorkShop, AIT, Frame and IdN.