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Liara T’soni


2021, print on PVC foil

Beneath the layer of plaster grows the texture of parallel space and time, in which the Yugoslavian computer company Iskra Delta is still active, secretly developing a complex and incomprehensible technology. Fragments of this world – dilapidated plans for fictitious technologies, forgotten notes and sketches – open portals to the company's hidden past and possible current activities, as well as to many unusual experiments and products that may still be spreading unchecked throughout the various sites of the Biennale.

Liara T'Soni (Farah Sara Kurnik) (2000, Ljubljana) is a visual artist from Ljubljana working in the fields of graphic design and video. She is currently studying at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering on the Graphic and Media Technology course. She has created many graphic images of current Slovenian and foreign musicians, music events and exhibitions, where she often takes on the role of VJ. Among other things, she is interested in experimenting with the medium of digital collage, in which she builds various artefacts of speculative reality. Her interests also extend to the fields of industrial design and new technologies that blur the lines between the artificial and the organic and affect the notion of what is human.