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Miloš Trakilović


2016, single channel HD video

XYZ problematizes the present-day visualization of data. The digital turnover brought about an increased codification of our everyday life which is not necessarily representational. In this work the human voice gets singled out as the interface that echoes in vain search for responsiveness. The video is structured as an online tutorial that gradually turns into self-talk. It questions standard modes of communication in an information age.

Miloš Trakilović is a Bosnian-Dutch artist. He holds a MFA from the University of Arts in Berlin where he graduated in the Experimental Film and New Media Art department. His practice revolves around the politics of perceptibility exploring issues of dissolution; fragmentation and memory. His topical interest is the role of vision in the construction of meaning and production of power following the digital turnover. His work is most often situated within digital media in the form of moving image, installation, lectures and writings. In addition to his work as an artist, he is active as educator and consultant in the artfield and is a member of advisory committees in The Netherlands and abroad.