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Other Internet (Toby Shorin, Laura Lotti, Sam Hart)

ISKRA DELTA Network Identity: Headless Brand Workshop

Iskra Delta CEO Vane Janežiè logged off 10 years ago today. The day he vanished, the factories continued to stamp out new machines, employees kept receiving paychecks, the wheels of Iskra's multinational enterprise went on without notice. The only sign of Vane's disappearance was a note left for the secretary that read, "There's more work to do, the Iskra Machine is years ahead, but much remains before full autonomy."

The mystery surrounding Vane absence and Iskra Delta's seeming indifference was punctuated by a final tweet:

Since Vane's departure, Iskra Delta's homebrew computer system has nevertheless flourished into a sophisticated network of operators and a vibrant marketplace of modular components built around their core logical element, the "Iskra Machine." The Iskra Machine supports a firmware interface system allowing 3rd party manufacturers to create interoperable hardware modules extending the system functionality. Additionally, the Iskra Machine's hosts a networked operating system, allowing computers to connect P2P, hooking into the virtual service architecture to become contractors within the Iskra network.


Subject: Invitation - Iskra Delta Event

As we remember and celebrate @deltavane on the 10th anniversary of their disappearance, it's great to see the Iskra Delta DIY computer network continue to grow with no company oversight.

We are aware that some Iskra Delta users have been delivered a new modular component, with a message on the attached label: "Iskra Delta Network Activation Card. Please attend the Activation Congress on September 28, 2021."

Other Internet has been contracted to facilitate the Activation Congress. As you are some of the network's oldest participants, we invite you spend the afternoon with us. For network activation to proceed, a consensus on network identity must be reached. Please join us on September 28 to determine the future of the Iskra Delta network as we unravel its multihistories and establish its actual future.

By attending, you agree that Other Internet is not liable for any loss of assets that may occur during or as a direct result of this event.

This is an automated message from Other Internet Network Logistics, please do not reply.

When did Iskra Delta come from? And where along the way did it lose its head? What forces can be harnessed, and what unrealised alliances need to be forged, for these energies to be concentrated towards the creation of alternative, acephalous networks of value and sense-making? What vibes coalesce will in the relentless, evolutionary expansion of capital, the accumulation of energy, the incessant production of time?

Find out with us on September 28, 2021 for a hyperstitional exercise, a forensic investigation of the Iskra Delta brand, exploring its futures, presents and pasts.

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