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Protektorama (aLifveForm, fed and cared for by JP Raether)

Protekto.x.x Precipitation

2017, installation

Protekto.x.x Precipitation interrogates the relation of the human body to screens and displays and addresses the materiality, fabrication processes, as well as sites of production of contemporary information technologies. Protekto.x.x Precipitation is a complex ensemble that envelops the participants in a techno-philosophical ritual. Molten gallium, metallurgically recycled devices and other paraphernalia conflict with the presentation’s reminiscent of an Apple Store aesthetic and create a common cosmos, in which the Apple products appear as the archaeological relics of a distant past.

aLifveForms operate as the marker of constructed authorship and an evolutionary process of identity-making and -unmaking. They explore questions of identity and reality as it is constituted through language. JP Raether activates these AlterIdentities, which appear as humanoid beings in performative, distributed social interventions, engaging an elaborated vocabulary. In their appearances, the AlterIdentities work to demonstrate that in every common reality the potential for another reality is always present. One of the identities is Protektorama, who seeks out sites of production of contemporary information technologies, interrogating the relation of the human body to its technological devices.

JP Raether lives and works in Berlin. He attended Berlin University of the Arts and is currently holding a professorship for MA Live Art Forms at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nuremberg, Germany. JP Raether and aLifveForms are supported by the Fellowship Programme 2020/2021 of PACT Zollverein (Essen).