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Xenoslavia: Covert Chronologies

Normies will never understand what it’s like to be a non-based hyperpop-listening schizocore Tarkovsky timepunk. An omnicringe Outsideness oomfie and a Kanzi-kinning Reza reply girl. To be a Bratton bloomer, a Laruelle/Löffler/Land crossfic-writing institutional accelerationist. An x-risk aware xenofeminist inhumanpilled neoratcel and a true agent of reason.

To paraphrase Nick Land: “Read Xenoslavia, and vibe…”

ŠUM#16 is edited by Maks Valenčič and Tisa Troha. Texts by Callum Blake, Jesse Josua Benjamin, Maks Valenčič, Enea Kavčič, DeepChimera and Kazimir Kolar. Design by Eliška Jahelková.

ŠUM is a journal and a platform focusing on contemporary art and theory. It was established in 2013 by artists and theorists and is supported by a network of institutions for contemporary art in Slovenia that act as its coproducers. The journal is distributed free of charge. ŠUM is a network and community of contributing artists and writers that organizes interventions into institutional programs in the form of debates, lectures, seminars and various other events that serve as means of self-education and tools for forging connections with various institutional contexts as well.