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Suzanne Treister

TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS. New Cosmological Models for Survival

TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS encourages the unification of art, spirituality, science and technology through hypnotic visions of our potential communal futures alongside those of possible extra-terrestrial entities or civilisations. Countering invasive agendas of governments and the private space industry, TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEM proposes a political metamorphosis and transmutation of human consciousness towards a new Earthly and interplanetary paradigm. TECHNOSHAMANIC SYSTEMS consists of multiple components under various categories. ISKRA DELTA presents a selection of components from Earth Eco Systems and Architectures, Reinvented Technologies, Interplanetary Social Structures, Apparel, Interplanetary Social Structures, Rituals and Project Diagrams. The latter are presented both in the company headquarters (Tivoli Castle)  and also in the skyscraper area (TR3 gallery).


Suzanne Treister (1958) lives and works in London and the French Pyrenees. She has been a pioneer in the digital/new media/web-based field since the late 1980s when she began developing projects about video games, virtual reality and software. In 1995 Treister made her first web project and invented a time-travelling avatar, the subject of an interactive CD-ROM. An ongoing focus of her work is the relationship between emerging technologies, society, alternative belief systems and the potential futures of humanity. Recent projects include HEXEN 2.0 (2011), Post-Surveillance Art (2014), HFT The Gardener (2015), SURVIVOR (F) (2016–19) and The Escapist BHST (Black Hole Spacetime) (2018–19).