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Zsófia Keresztes

Flames of Estrangement

2021, polystyrene, fibreglass, glue, glass mosaic, grout, metal chain, 60x90x27 cm. 

Flames of Estrangement blends sensuousness and virtuality, the analogue and the digital, the real and the surreal, and explores the questions surrounding the subject’s self-identity. The complex and malleable system of iconographic shapes is melting into one another and is combining archaic forms and techniques of traditional crafts with the visual language and references of the millennial generation. Flames of Estrangement is centred on the motif of Pierrot, the lonely clown from Commedia dell‘arte, who returns time and again as a despondent clown infatuated with, and naïvely devoted to, his love, who ultimately leaves him for Harlequin. The symmetric figure, fusing with its own mirror image, seeks to find its identity and stability in a perpetual cyclical motion.