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Spark track is part of the ISKRA DELTA Onboarding Soundscapes project - a digital compilation of sound commissions.

DIGITONICA is an avant-pop, glitch music project by Anna Morskaya from Samara, Russia. Moraskaya is a professional pianist and singer who is constantly experimenting with sound, and in DIGITONICA she explores genres on the border between pop, electronic and academic music. In 2020, her album "Metaretta" was released in Russian, on which she turned to a new metamodernist futuristic sound. Since then, the DIGITONICA project has turned towards experimental cyber-pop. During its existence, the project has managed to perform in many Russian cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, and has released several different mini-albums. Moraskaya has featured her compositions on numerous compilations, including the Mutans Mixtape compilation, and many others on labels such as EXILES, Hyperlink, Infinito Audio, etc.