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Nimaš Izbire

ISKRA DELTA Onboarding Soundscapes [Corporave]

The collective Nimaš Izbire answered ISKRA DELTA's call, and embarked on their biggest project yet by co-creating the soundscape of the future as it is already emerging and establishing itself, especially on the internet. Rooted in the local context (often marked by the complex of inferiority) and in line with ID corporate guidelines they designed a maximalist, transgressive and status quo challenging corporave, an audio-visual event, inspired by the spirit of rave culture and the future of music as embodied in hyperpop and post-club acts. The corporave featured performances by Babii, Caro<3, Himera, Toyota Vangelis, Eva01, Warrego Valles, Gašper Torkar and Gabi98.

ISKRA DELTA Onboarding Soundscapes [Compilation]

As one of the most active agents of the ID sonic department Nimaš Izbire works to accelerate the spillover of future soundscapes to our everyday reality.

As part of their mission, they prepared a digital sound compilation ISKRA DELTA: Onboarding Soundscapes.

Participating artists: Astrosuka, Ascyth, Digitonica, Galen Tipton, Himera, Kristjan Kaluža, Princess Ketamine, msn_gf, Petal Supply, Toiret Status, Torus, umru, Toyota Vangelis, Warrego Valles

Curated by Gabriele Steffe, Tjaša Pogačar and Dorijan Šiško / Artwork by Dorijan Šiško / Additional mastering by Toyota Vangelis

Galen Tipton - Ballad of ISKRA DELTA
Astrosuka - Chispa
Petal Supply - Miku Called U U Missed It
Toyota Vangelis - Boardroom Theme
Digitonica - Spark
Warrego Valles - Panslavic Commercial
Ascyth - BiPodNano3G
Galen Tipton - Refresh
msn gf - Prvič Vem
Himera - Chalk
Toiret Status - #172
umru - ISKRA DELTA Mindful Practice Cubicle
Torus - 112
Himera - Sanctuary
Princess Ketamine - Sun Rises Over The City
Kristjan Kaluza - Nebula
Himera - Alert Fall
ISKRA DELTA Onboarding Soundscapes [Sound Schemes]

Sound Schemes are three ISKRA DELTA operating system sound packs provided by Himera, Galen Tipton and Toyota Vangelis.

When you download the sound schemes and use them on your phone as sounds for notifications, ringtones and alarms, you become an ISKRA DELTA sonic future agent.

You carry and spread the sparks of an emerging soundscape. You assist in the sonic transformation of reality.

Nimaš Izbire creative collective started as a DIY streetwear brand, but soon outgrew its boundaries and developed into a full-fledged community of designers, organizers, djs, vjs and other artists. Through music and design the collective strives to transform the (pop)cultural landscape in Slovenia that is still defined by the aesthetic concepts and mindset of established mainstream, and thus enable an environment that would be more accommodating and in line with the experiences, ideas and outlook of the young creative scene working and living in the still marginalized local setting.