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Dorijan Šiško

Dorijan Šiško

ISKRA DELTA offers four different accreditations in the form of trading cards that assign you a role in the ISKRA DELTA world. The accreditations expand this world by establishing a set of speculative agents of the future who are not just humans or robots, but metaphorical creatures that play with themes of consumerism, labour, corporatism, information, etc. The accreditations thus act as partly humorous tools for thinking about future scenarios and understanding the Biennale as a terrain where they can be played out in the present.

Iskra VE, softPop configuration

IskraVE is a secret experimental r&d prototype used to control mood and karma at the ISKRA DELTA HQ. Based on analog sonic computer softPop by researchers Toyota Vangelis (Bastl) and Casper Electronics it was upgraded in collaboration with DeLorian Šišcore (Dorijan Šiško) with satisfactory results in Karma release strategy and čakra alignment.

Warning: if handeled incorrectly it can cause Resonance Cascade.

Dorijan Šiško is a Slovenian graphic designer who also explores other areas of visual art, such as illustration, multimedia, contemporary art and VJ-ing. His primary engagement in art and design is concerned with speculative, critical and multimedia design. In his works, he explores topics such as digital culture, the Internet, futurism, science fiction, tribalism and popular culture. He was the art editor of the socially critical student magazine Tribuna. He is a co-founder of the cultural association Kombajn and the art director of the art and design collective freštreš, with which he regularly publishes the freštreš maga/zine and exhibits in Slovenia and abroad. He is currently active as a freelancer in his own studio practice and as a creative leader and designer at the Nimaš Izbire collective. He is the recipient of two awards of the Brumen Foundation: for the newspaper Tribuna and for the book Freštreš 10. His work has been exhibited in such institutions as KUD Kibla, Kino Šiška, Slovenian National Museum, Modern Gallery Ljubljana, MGLC, GT22, Jakopič Gallery, Out to See Festival in New York, etc.