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Toyota Vangelis

Boardroom Theme

Boardroom Theme is part of the ISKRA DELTA Onboarding Soundscapes project – a digital compilation of sound commissions.

Based on the Boardroom Theme track Toyota Vangelis provided also a set of system sounds that you can download and use on your devices.


Iskra VE, softPop configuration

IskraVE is a secret experimental r&d prototype used to control mood and karma at the ISKRA DELTA HQ. Based on analog sonic computer softPop by researchers Toyota Vangelis (Bastl) and Casper Electronics it was upgraded in collaboration with DeLorian Šišcore (Dorijan Šiško) with satisfactory results in Karma release strategy and čakra alignment.

Warning: if handeled incorrectly it can cause Resonance Cascade.

Singer-songwriter Toyota Vangelis is using his uniquely autotuned voice and seamless merging of the electronic and (simulated) acoustic sounds to dismantle the binaries of the human and the machine. While always inventing new ways to interact with electronic music as lead designer at the synthesizer company Bastl Instruments, he still manages to find elaborate ways to sculpt the Czech language into his rhythmic and melodic structures. His songs revolve around love metaphors while in fact they sneak intimacy into topics such as big data, climate crisis or alienation.