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Inside Job (Ula Lucińska, Michał Knychaus)

Possibility we are poisoned

video installation

collaboration on 3D and animation: Kuba Matuszczak

The recurring phrase in di Prima's poem ‘posibility we are…’  is the starting point for the speculative narrative about the future in which fictional seeds, awakened after years of sleep, begin to grow, thus affecting the surrounding habitats.The story includes fragments from poems of Diane di Prima, Helene Cioux, Marina akTsvetaeva, Patrícia Rehder Galvão, Sylvia Plath and Maria Sabina, among others. Fictitious seeds that resemble ancient fossils or remnants of some extraterrestrial forms are indirect reference to plant organisms which, subjected to the regime of a changing climate, produce 'dormant seeds'. Dormancy is an existing trait of some plants acquired through evolution enabling them to survive under adverse conditions, and is as such important for the proliferation of new species and the successful dispersal of those that already exist. Possibility we are poisoned is therefore linked to a broader theme of a post-human future, in which hitherto unknown transformations of matter might occur.

Ula Lucińska (1992, PL) and Michał Knychaus (1987, PL) work together as the Inside Job duo. Their practice is based on the use of different mediums and materials, which often leads to the creation of specific, multi-layered environments. They focus on the processes of how identities are constructed, including the identities of places, within the context of dynamic changes such as: the climate crisis, technological acceleration, political shifts and growing anxiety about the unknown future. Many of their projects refer to futuristic and post-catastrophic scenarios.

They are the finalists of the international Artagon IV competition in Paris (2018); shortlisted for the International Competition for Visual Artists Allegro Prize (2020); merited with the Poznań City Award for Emerging Artists (2020), Prize of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2018) and Santander Universidades Prize (2016). Their joint diploma project received awards from magazines: SZUM and Czas Kultury (2018). They have presented works during art residencies (Rupert Residency, Vilnius, LT; A-I-R FUTURA, Prague, CZ; Residency Gurzelen, Biel/Bienne, CH; TestDrive, Nicosia, CY; Kulturfabrik, Burgdorf, CH), at individual exhibitions (e.g. Eastcontemporary Gallery, Milan, IT; FUTURA, Prague, CZ; Pawilon, Poznań, PL; :SKALA, Poznań, PL; 9/10 Gallery, PL; Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, GR) and collective ones (e.g. Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, DE; BWA Wrocław, PL; TRAFO - Trafostacja Sztuki, Szczecin, PL; The Death of Man, Warsaw Gallery Weekend, PL; WallRiss, Fribourg, CH; Sattlekammer, Bern, CH; the Athens Digital Arts Festival 2018, Athens, GR; DuflonRacz, Bern, CH; the Ostrale Biennale of Contemporary Arts, Dresden, DE; Musrara Mix Festival, Jerusalem, IL).