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Živa Božičnik Rebec

Hardware equipment: Product O1_prototype, Spinners, Markers

2021, synthetic loops, ASA filament for 3D printing, devices for molecular bodies, Creality 3D printer, calculation errors, silicone Crystal flex, rotors, DC-toys, spray filler, infra-actions, silicone softener, spray paints, powder pigments, hyperspace meeting tools, latex, acrylic paint, acrylic glass, inkjet print on polyester, markers intersections, time complexity, intra-actions,...

“There is a strange isomorphism between Kant's transcendental philosophy, Modernity and (post)capitalism; a diagonal line that each time re-examines the relationship between objects and the conditions of their possibility, thus only deepening the immanent process at work and eliminating all illegitimate authorities within it. Therefore, it is a critique in the transcendental sense – the substitution of one frame for another – in which what escapes perception is precisely the display frame or time itself. 

Like the bishop (or Sonic) on the chessboard, you are faced with objects that are not only hypermodern but part of modernity itself: they are the consequence and cause of its engine and part of its speculative and engineering nature. Their indeterminacy, incompleteness and absolute virtuality testify precisely to this temporal suspension or to the fact that they are unfinished objects that have yet to be realised (whose existence has yet to be earned). 

At the heart of cognitive archaeology, you encounter/crash into cognigrams in an absolutely materialistic sense; cyphers for the realisation of our future state, which can only be achieved through the abolition of existing categories and the realisation of new ones. Through a diagonal line that pursues superposition, where there is not only one past and one future but a multiplicity of them, encoded as potentialities or different temporalities in which we humans find ourselves either on the verge of the posthuman age or extinction.”

-Maks Valenčič

Tehnical supporters and sponsors: Nervous FX, GC-DPI, Štojs avtoličarstvo and others.

Živa Božičnik Rebec graduated in 2014 in Unique Design – Glass and Ceramics from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she also obtained a master's degree in Sculpture. She has exhibited at home and abroad, including at the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova (2019), Triennial of Contemporary Art at the Museum of Modern Art (2019), Simulaker Gallery (2017), Škuc Gallery (2018), Cmurek Castle (2015) and at the international exhibition Fashion/Art Toronto, Toronto, Canada (2014). In 2019, she was a resident at Karlin Studios (FUTURA Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague).